Would you like a Gem Prep in your community?

Gem Prep believes that enrolling your children in the best schools now prepares them for bright futures tomorrow. Our schools are consistently rated as some of the best in the state and nation. Our students flourish because the schools are designed to provide robust support and prepare students for success.

Gem Prep is currently gauging interest in the following communities. If you live in one of these areas and would be interested in enrolling your child please fill out the interest form.


Gem Prep has high expectations for every aspect of student life—academics, the development of essential competencies, and behavior. In the elementary grades, students master the fundamentals that will serve them well for the rest of their educational trajectory. The schools are rigorous and students are challenged each day, while receiving robust support from qualified, caring teachers. As students age into secondary grade levels, they continue to be challenged, even taking college level courses while in high school. In addition to strong academic preparation, Gem Prep students also develop important competencies such as time management, goal setting, and communication skills.

The culminating result of a Gem Prep education is that most students graduate high school with a college associate’s degree TUITION-FREE!

    • Most Gem Prep graduates complete an associate’s degree by the time they graduate high school.
    • Students earn an average of $7,000 in college scholarships.
    • Students save 2-years of time getting a head start on their bachelor’s degree

What's Next?

If you are interested in bringing one of the top performing schools in Idaho to your community please reach out to Gem Prep at [email protected]. We highly recommend you see one of our amazing schools in action. Please visit our Schedule a Tour page to set up a tour at one of our campuses.