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Our mission is to prepare students for success in college and professional technical careers by providing a high quality, personalized, relevant and rigorous education through exceptional teaching, innovative uses of technology and partnerships with families. 

The learning process Gem Prep has established considers the stages of maturation as a guide to scaffolding scholars into becoming high achieving adults. In my last two posts, I discussed Stages 1 & 2 (grades K-8). Today, I will outline the last stage of maturity and how Gem scholars transition toward interdependence. (Post 3 of 3)


The third stage of maturity is interdependence where individuals believe they can accomplish much through networking and collaboration. 

Success has a higher probability at this stage as individuals have the ability to learn, live, and work with others. When Gem Prep scholars reach 9th grade, they will be well positioned for exceptional achievements in their high school and college courses.  Mastery of their independent competencies will enhance their self-aware and self-directed learning. High school students are exercising interdepence by becoming skilled communicators, collaborators, and creative problem solvers as they complete dual credit college courses.  They will experience the rigors of college in a supportive and personal environment that will increase success in post-secondary learning.   
Acknowledging the different stages of maturation and coupling that with Gem Prep learning programs, scholars will have the potential to be excellent citizens of society who recognize the importance of reaching interdependence in both their academic and personal lives.  Charles Darwin stated it best, “In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”

Principal Nanette Merrill

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