Our mission is to prepare students for success in college and professional technical careers by providing a high quality, personalized, relevant and rigorous education through exceptional teaching, innovative uses of technology and partnerships with families. 

The learning process Gem Prep has established considers the stages of maturation as a guide to scaffolding scholars into becoming high achieving adults. In my last post I discussed Stage 1 (grades K-3). Today, I will outline the second stage of maturity and how Gem scholars transition toward independence. (Post 2 of 3)


The second stage of maturity, independence, is the stage where scholars develop in their skills and abilities to do things by themselves. At this stage, there is recognition that one is responsible for their own life and the choices they make.  Individuals begin to understand the world does not owe them anything but they have the ability and responsibility to get out of the world what they seek themselves.

As Gem Prep scholars transition to grades 4-8, their academic learning has shifted to more of a student-centered learning with teamwork and collaboration.  

The curriculum is rigorous and pushes scholars to grow their capacity as a learner.  Leadership development opportunities are built into the learning environment and students increase ownership of their learning.  
One of the strategies implemented to foster self-awareness is data conferences where students set their own goals and targets to measure improvement.  The skill of monitoring their own progress will set them up to be strong independent college students.

Principal Nanette Merrill

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