Are We Growing Skilled Communicators?

College Readiness and business success require effective communication skills.

The average business executive spends about 75% – 80% of the day engaged in oral or written communication. Communication is so critical that American businesses end up spending about 3.1 billion dollars annually to upskill their employees, training them to write. 44% of the executives surveyed think Americans are lacking critical soft skills such as communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, etc.  

Recently there has been much discussion in our media regarding healthy dialogue and effective communication. What does healthy dialogue look like, feel like, and sound like? What are some of the consequences of negative dialogue?  A good debate is not a bad thing if it leads to compromise and constructive criticism which fosters growth in communication.

Understanding the environment in which communication can thrive and knowing how to shift negative emotion to thoughtful awareness is a college readiness skill all scholars should develop.  

At Gem Prep, we believe scholars are proficient communicators and collaborators when:

  • They are able to express thoughts and articulate ideas through verbal, non-verbal, written, and technological means for a variety of purposes and audiences;
  • They are able to work interdependently with and/or lead a variety of individuals to achieve an objective while displaying flexibility and willingness to understand and articulate alternative points of view;
  • They can engage in civic and service-oriented activities.             (Gem Innovation Schools, 2019)

“Research shows that so-called “soft skills” — your ability to work well with others, communicate clearly and solve problems — matter much more than many may think. Being able to communicate well is the most common soft skill employers are looking for.” 

Gem Prep scholars foster these skills, develop a growth mindset, and learn to listen for understanding and not rebuttal.  As scholars navigate into college and the workforce, they will be an asset to any organization if they can collaborate in a productive manner and respectfully disagree with a colleague.  

Nanette Merrill, Principal

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