GPO Learning Societies

“Learning Societies provide families the rigor & flexibility of our college prep virtual school coupled with the community atmosphere found in our brick and mortar schools.”


Gem Prep: Online (GPO) students score above national averages on college entrance tests and outperform students in traditional district schools on math and reading tests. In 2021, 39% of graduates earned their AA degree simultaneous with their high school graduation. GPO students successfully complete five times as many dual college credits as the Idaho average. See our "Student Results" for more.

Students who enroll in Gem Prep: Online now have an additional option available to them—a one-of-a-kind educational experience called a Learning Society.

Families may choose 1 of 2 learning environments in which to access Gem Prep: Online’s powerful education model:

  1. TRADITIONAL GPO: Take their online classes from their own home with their parent/guardian as the learning support / coach or

  2. LEARNING SOCIETY: Access their online classes with other GPO students from a community space (such as a church building, rec center, or other family’s home, etc.) with a GPO Learning Society Leader and paraprofessional partner teacher.

Learning Society Highlights

  • Safe & comfortable community setting serving 15-20 students with 2 adults on site

  • Learning Society Leader is a trained para-educator employed by GPO.

  • Students come to their Learning Society location and complete their lessons under the supervision of their Learning Society Leader and a partner teacher.

  • Students are enrolled in GPO’s accredited virtual school and access it from the Learning Society location.

More Information

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Are you interested in becoming a Learning Society leader or partner teacher? We’re currently looking for a few more parents interested in leading one of our Learning Societies. Please contact Adam Bruno (208-672-1155 ext. 2020) for more information and to express interest.


  • Learning Societies are new to GPO and are currently available in limited locations around the state. As interest expands, availability will grow.

  • Learning Societies meet in centralized community locations such as church buildings, recreation centers or family homes, etc.

  • Learning Society leaders and partner teachers are employed by GPO.

  • Learning Societies will only be K-5 for the 2022-2023 school year. In future years, this program will expand to include students in grades K-12.

Gem Prep: Online
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Grades K-12
To Apply:

GPO Learning Societies
Adam Bruno, Administrator
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208-672-1155 ext. 2020