GPP Wins 2018 Idaho Math Cup Challenge!

gemprep GP Pocatello

Fourth-grade teacher Mrs. England works with Kaden H. in his Imagine Math program.

POCATELLO, Idaho, March 15, 2018

Students in Gem Prep: Pocatello outperformed students all over the state and won the 2018 Idaho Math Cup Challenge put on by Imagine Math. During this competition, students from all over Idaho completed 47,395 math hours, 100,056 math lessons and solved over 4.1 million complex math problems during the competition.

“We’re so proud of our students. They worked together, set weekly goals, challenged each other, and won!” said Mrs. England.

Imagine Math honored Gem Prep’s students Friday, March 16, 2018, in a celebration ceremony at the school. A representative was on-hand to present this year’s cup to the students and award additional honors to individual high-performing students. Seventy-nine Gem Prep students dominated the other 20,000 students in the competition—all four weeks of the challenged. Our students completed 2,055 lessons, 75,251 complex problems, and 999 hours of math in the 28day competition. (There were 279 schools in Idaho who participated.)

Gem Prep: Pocatello will receive a $250 gift card, Idaho Math Cup Champion Certificates for top performing students and the Idaho Math Cup trophy!

 “Our focus is on giving students a personalized education and helping them become self-motivated learners, well-prepared for exciting futures. Imagine Math is one of the adaptable learning programs our students use each day,” said Principal Love. “These competitions are a great way to motivate students to push themselves, to raise their expectations and really achieve, which is a big part of Gem Prep’s culture.”