Our Method

The world is changing rapidly and effective education keeps pace with the challenges and advancements students will meet in the real world. Our passion is to provide students a transformational education giving them the knowledge, characteristics, competencies and mindsets for success in college and the next generation workplace. View our Graduate Profile for a more in depth look at the mindsets and characteristics of our graduates. View an overview video of our college prep schools.

Graduation Pathways

There are two pathways to graduation, depending on the outcome that works best for your student. By the 10th-grade students will choose one of two paths.

Grade K–3 Mastering Fundamentals

Small-group instruction personalized with cutting edge technology

Grade 4–6 Academics & Leadership

Student-centered learning, teamwork, collaboration and leadership

Grade 7–8 Ownership & Path to College

Ownership, self-awareness, self-direction and discipline

Grade 9–12 Independence & Early College

Skilled communication, problem solving, college rigor, dual credit courses