What is Section 504?

Section 504 is a nondiscriminatory federal act. Although it is not a special education statute, it addresses the education to qualified individuals with disabilities. The school district does not receive funding to educate students qualified as disabled under Section 504. Section 504 provides certain protections to students who may not qualify under specific special education categories of disabilities. Basically, Section 504 prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities in all programs and activities conducted by recipients of federal financial assistance. Public schools are such recipients of federal financial assistance.

If a student meets the qualifying criteria and the team agrees to proceed, a 504 Plan is written which highlights the student’s needs and how those needs will be accommodated in the general education setting.

If you have further questions or wonder if you might have a child who qualifies for a Section 504 Plan, please contact the following people:

  • Your Child's Classroom Teacher
  • Your Child's Principal